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Éric (science animator, automation technician, director)


You want to talk about passion? Éric is a living example of pure passion an energy. Don't get in his way when he is caught up in a new idea though, because you are sure to be convinced to follow him! The biggest project of his life? The Foundation of Profaqua, which has continued to grow and develop since its beginning in 1997! Through his hard work during the past years, it's truly become THE box of science!

The second biggest project? Hmm... we could list so many! Everything is a BIG project for Éric. Aside from investing his body and soul into his enterprise, Éric keeps in great shape, and competes in sporting events with noteworthy results! Receiving first place medals in triathlons is an unimaginable achievement for the majority of people, but for Éric it has become a formality! Not only has he been recognized for excellence and performance, but he has become his team's coach and trainer! Once a leader, Always a leader!